26./27. March 2012, Technical University Munich, Germany

Conference on Future Automotive Technology

ENEVATE will be available with a booth and partners who will be pleased to discuss about the ENEVATE project.

The increasing trend towards electric cars leads to several challenges for the automobile industry, research institutes and politics as well as for the society.
The annual "Conference on Future Automotive Technology" on 26th and 27th March 2012 at the Technical University Munich focuses on the economical realization of widespread automotive electromobility.

Research and serial development move closer together to meet automotive standards for new components like traction batteries integrated into hybrid and electrical drivetrains. Furthermore, the influence of e-mobility on the daily mobility behavior, the effects on the automotive supply chain and the impact on industrial production have to be taken into account.

During two days of conference with all its excellent presentations and poster sessions there will be sufficient time for vivid exchange and discussion of ideas with experts from science, industry and politics.


For Registration and further information: www.future-automotive-technology.tum.de