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Accelerating the development of "new" supply chains (SC) for EV is the key tobring down the costs for EV by efficient mass production.
The objectives of this workpackage are:

  • A comprehensive picture of the state of art of EV technology concerning components, modules, systems for different types and classes of vehicles which are already available or are expected to enter the market, determine the position of the NWE industry in the global field,
  • Compare the value added of battery electric vehicles (BEV) with conventional cars,
  • Describe the current supply for BEV and design new supply chains with comparable hierarchy to existing SC for conventional cars with ICE
  • Map the competences concerning EV technology, development and production in NWE,
  • Facilitate the process of building opportunities for SME to develop within the SC for EV.

The results will be used in workpackage 5 to design a vision, training programs, workshops, and joint projects. With the final goal to build up a new industrial sector for EV and integrated e-mobility-concepts.