Study about how to make electric car sharing a sustainable option for tourism as well as for residents

In the ENEVATE 2.0 project Future Transport Systems is focussing on two main aspects of increasing electric mobility levels in areas which have so far proved hard to make operationally successful: rural electric car sharing (car clubs in the UK) and electric car sharing on out of town business parks.

Rural E-Car Sharing

To date car sharing clubs in the UK have not been successful in working with the tourism industry, despite the potential benefits. Now the first schemes are introducing novel ways of attracting tourists to trial electric cars, such as the Twizzy, as part of their holiday experience, and interest is building leading to viable business models. More traditional car sharing models, providing services for residents and businesses in rural areas, have to investigate new ways to manage their vehicles, especially electric cars, to maximise utilisation. This study will investigate what changes are needed to make rural electric car sharing a sustainable option, both within the tourism sector and as a service for residents.

E-Mobility on Business Parks

Out of town business parks often have high levels of single occupancy car drivers, and journey patterns do not fit well with traditional car sharing set up. This project will investigate options for expanding the role of e-mobility on business parks, and test the conditions that need to be in place to support electric car sharing.