by Jean Pierre Heijster (AutomotiveNL)

Across the world there are many pilot projects being developed to establish E-mobility concepts and as a consequence much expertise is being developed.  But to a certain extent this learning process is being duplicated many times over.

Within the ENEVATE project Work package 4 is leading the development of documentation the guidelines and recommendations out of the pilot projects running in the ENEVATE Region to help project mangers use the lessons learned from other projects. The work is also being contributed to by partners in Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Ireland to create a common approach across North West Europe.

One of the basics of the guidelines and recommendations are the results out of the different E-mobility project pilots running across the ENEVATE region. Therefore AutomotiveNL (work package leader WP4) developed an online tool to map all the pilots to get a defined overview. Some of the regions are indicated as a pilot region. These regions will be visited by the ENEVATE partners, stakeholders and regional companies. Regions indicated: the Netherlands, France-Comté, Nord Rhine Westphalia, Normandy, Ireland, UK Newcastle region.
Currently different pilots in the regions, France-Comté, Nord Rhine Westphalia, UK Newcastle region are already visited. These Pilots where mainly integrated in a regional E-mobility event.

Beside the pilot information, the out coming results of WP1-2-3 are also an important basic for the final guidelines and recommendations. So the cross-sectional interactions of the work packages are firmly rooted in the work methods of the ENEVATE project.

   WP4 Pilot News of the NL ENEVATE Region

Garbage Truck with Electrical Power Train.

Garbage Truck
Main contractor: Van Gansewinkel groep
Locations:  Amsterdam, Rotterdam,Den Haag, Schiphol, Groningen, Zutphen en Breda/Tilburg.
Project Content:  These Trucks are using to collect garbage in the Inner urban cities and business areas in different Regions in the Netherlands. Projects are subsidised by local governments.
Vehicles: Spijkstaal Ecotruck 7500, with Garbage Press container. Daily amount of kilometres is 50-60.
Charging Infrastructure: Each location has one charging point for normal charging speed. Charging points are inside Van Gansewinkel  company areas and not in public.
General: van Gansewinkel group also uses these trucks in a Belgium region.