17. May 2011

Enevate Launch Event


The official launch of Enevate will took place during the 8th International Automotive Congress on 17th of May. This event has proven to be the most important and interesting occasion on the Dutch automotive technology calendar. During this event the Enevate project was presented to a large public of national and international automotive companies, knowledge institutes and governments. The main aim was to promote the project and its different actions to attract a large number of attendees for the following workshops, matchmakings and training session.

Further Information: http://www.automotivecongress.nl

During the event, Martin Besow (ATC) and Dr. Kord Pannkoke (Bayern Innovativ) presented ENEVATE to a broad group of participants.

Presentation of Dr. Kord Pannkoke, Bayern Innovativ

Picture Credits: ENEVATE Partners