16. May 2013, Kassel University – Gießhaus

ENEVATE-project results – Impact on Nordhessen?

ENEVATE Trainings

 In the long term, e-mobility has the potential to permanently alter not only the topic mobility but also the business landscape. Together with you we would like to discuss possible changes and their impact on the region Nordhessen as well as companies located in this area. As a basis for the discussion the project-results will be presented to you in three sessions.

The Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH and MoWiN.net e.V. kindly invite you to take part in the international workshop

 "ENEVATE- project results - Impact on Nordhessen?" on May 16th, 2013.

 Please find the program here:


Manuel Krieg
Project Management Mobility

Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH
Ständeplatz 13, 34117 Kassel, Germany
Mail: krieg@regionnordhessen.de