Publication of ENEVATE-Midterm Report 2012

The ENEVATE Midterm Report was published on occasion of the ENEVATE Milestone Conference in Brussels. It gives a brief overview about current project results: supply chain of electric vehicles, the Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Development Tool etc.


ENEVATE is an Interreg IVB project that aims to facilitate an accelerated introduction of electric mobility in Northwest Europe through structured transnational cooperation between public authorities and business representatives. The project wants to boost innovation and competitiveness of the rapidly developing electric vehicle sector in NWE and at the same time contribute to the urgent environmental challenge of reducing CO2 emissions. ENEVATE targets electric road vehicles, energy infrastructure, integrated mobility concepts, and demonstrates the potentials through pilot actions and enables other actors.

These are the goals that we have been communicating over the last two years. Now, we have faced an important milestone: The first results have been produced and will be presented at the milestone conference in Brussels to decision makers, experts, policy makers from the European automotive and energy industry. We take the opportunity to create this magazine to not only present first results but also to introduce the project partners.

The ENEVATE partners from 5 European countries create an exciting network with organisations from different backgrounds and different structures, working hard on the introduction of e-mobility in Europe. See yourself what this project is about and enjoy our magazine!

Yours sincerely,
Godfried Puts
Project leader ENEVATE

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