by Nadja Gläser (Regionalmanagement Nordhessen GmbH) and Dr. Kord Pannkoke (Bayern Innovativ GmbH)

This work package, led by Bayern Innovativ and Regionalmanagement Nordhessen, has the objective to accelerate the implementation of E-mobility and will be the driver for innovation in North West Europe in the upcoming years.

It functions as framework for the other work packages by communicating the results and bringing together stakeholders. In order to have - within NWE - the relevant EV supply chains in place for supporting E-mobility implementation with strong vehicles, components & technology, this WP aims to support the development of the needed supply chains through stimulating technology partnerships and transnational co-operations.

In order to provide a strong foundation for efficient and effective implementation of sustainable e-mobility, transnational and regional training programs for different stakeholder groups will be implemented.
Another major part of the work package is the preparation of a road map for the introduction of e-mobility in Europe and the necessary policy recommendations. Therefore, workshops on the goal of the project and the vision on e-mobility are carried out and being supported by expert interviews. The results will be documented and published as part of the project dissemination. There will be two publications; the first one as milestone in the middle of the project and the second one as final publication to close the project.

As transnational cooperation and the development of a new supply chain for e-mobility is one of the main project goals, the work package includes a kick-off conference (realized in May 2011 in Eindhoven) and a milestone conference, which will take place in Brussels on May 15th  2012, for (public and private) policy makers from the various stakeholder groups. Furthermore, thematic forums, matchmakings, workshops, e-mobility pilot visits and a promotion material for e-mobility promotion are being carried out. These activities will be supported by reports, brochures, newsletters and training materials available on the project website (www.enevate.eu).