Market Drivers and E-Mobility Concepts

During the first stage of the project the Centre for Automotive Industry Research and the Electric Vehicle Centre of Excellence led the defining of a Niche Typology.

One of the core tasks of the ENEVATE project is to collect data from a range of EV experiments and draw lessons from these to inform any future decisions on what type of experiment is likely to succeed. However, the experiments are many and varied, so in order to extract useful information from these, it was felt that a typology was needed. If experiments can be classified under various types, a more useful set of guiding principles can be devised, thus enhancing the output from the project. The types have been categorised as follows:

• Type 1 - EV Public Transport
• Type 2 - Private, consumer-owned EVs
• Type 3 - EV Towns
• Type 4 - EV sharing
• Type 5 - Depot-based commercial EVs
• Type 6 - Industrial EV
• Type 7 - EV integrators.
• Type 8 - Fuel Cell EV experiments.
• Type 9 - Smart grid and EV

By defining the niches within which electric vehicles operate using the types listed above, it is hoped to identify areas in which the niches must be supported in order for EVs to thrive in the market. However, the question then arises as to what ways of stimulating such markets are most effective. This leads to the second stage, where a methodology has been developed in order to survey existing pilots so that first hand responses of the end users can be captured and analysed. Initially, the survey will take the form of a questionnaire, which will be used to obtain the end users' views on what incentives might encourage them to become an EV user or owner. This will be complimented by looking at similar surveys that have already been conducted by other studies and comparing the findings. The methodology is being trialled at the EV pilot currently underway in the city of Montbéliard, France. The results from this trial will be used to refine the methodology where necessary, before rolling out the surveys to other pilots in the ENEVATE region. The initial results of the survey will be presented at an EV Summit to be held in Cardiff on the 27th June 2012.