The overall objective of the fourth work package, led by the Automotive Technology Centre, is to support an accelerated implementation and development of sustainable e-mobility in North West Europe by mapping the wealth of existing EV pilots in NWE and wi

Within the ENEVATE region a lot of e-mobility pilots are running or have been finished. To get a clear overview on what is happening everywhere in the region, these pilots need to be mapped. In order to collect all the useful information and be able to compare them with each other a mapping format is under development.

After sending out the mapping format for the pilots, the ENEVATE partners responded by completing these maps with regional pilots. This is an ongoing process in which new pilots are mapped and entered into an online database. This database also contains the technology of the other work packages and the relevant data of all the ENEVATE partners and relevant EV stakeholders from the NWE region.

On September 13th the first pilot visit took place in Newcastle (UK). This visit has been a successful start and a promising event for all the other visits to come.

All the data gathered by mapping the pilots in the ENEVATE region, will be translated into useful guidelines. These guidelines will help to set up relevant new pilots in order to avoid doing projects twice.