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Regional and national authorities are making announcements to spend tens of millions of Euro's, each in implementing e-mobility by means of pilot initiatives (from bikes, to cars to busses etc).

"In splendid isolation" various regions and cities plan to become leading in e-mobility and state strong objectives for electric vehicles penetration in their regions' car fleets. Plus national tax incentives are being announced and various EU programs have been and will be started up to facilitate e-mobility development and implementation. From their daily work with authorities and from the knowledge they shared via EASN, the ENEVATE project partners are convinced that most of the pilots and programs are stand-alone. Almost no information is shared between pilots and policy makers which results in limited awareness of relevant developments. This all results in EU and national public budgets being spent sub optimally, for achieving the same results and for solving the same problems, i.e. ineffective use of resources.

Equally important is that tax-payers money is announced to be spend on pilots to introduce of e-mobility, regardless of the origin of the vehicle technology. This leads - at this early stage of electric vehicles development -, to import of vehicles from overseas, instead of using the NWE potential. This stimulates foreign development of technology in this "infant industry", with large future economic potential for NWE.

The overall objective of this workpackage is therefore:

  • to support an accelerated implementation and development of sustainable e-mobility in NWE through mapping of the wealth of existing electric vehicles pilots in NWE and wider Europe
  • to demonstrate the validity of the ENEVATE tools and outputs through their implementation in several regional electric vehicle pilots.