Three questions about ENEVATE

Interview with Dr Kord Pannkoke, Bayern Innovativ, and Nadja Gläser, Regional Management Nordhessen, Heads of Work Package 'Enabling/Innovation Accelerator'

What is ENEVATE about?

Pannkoke: ENEVATE is about e-mobility in North West Europe. With this in mind, the project partners want to initiate a sustainable European Network on Electric Vehicles and Transferring Expertise evolving from cooperation of governments, knowledge, innovation centres and companies in six European countries. The project's greatest potential is in the creation of transparent cooperation between international top regions, a unique occurrence in the history of the automotive industry.

Gläser: Another fundamental objective is to enable transfer. The ENEVATE consortium led by Automotive NL, Helmond, consists of 15 partners. We want to develop common knowledge, instruments and training in the field of vehicle technology, sustainable energy supply infrastructure, market drivers and e-mobility concepts as well as business development.

What is the benefit for the participating regions?

Gläser: In the first place, the interest in electric vehicles and smart mobility in our region is growing hand over fist. We too were already participating in activities in the field of electric vehicles. Above all, the region has the ambition to play a prominent role in electric vehicle technology and, consequently, we got involved in ENEVATE.

Pannkoke: After all, one region alone, cannot complete the entire value chain for electric vehicles and therefore seeks international cooperation. It would be an exaggeration to describe them as ‘gaps' in the value chain, but in any case there is a need for additional knowledge as well as an enormous opportunity to create new partnerships and to learn from what is taking place in other European regions.

Can you report on first results?

Pannkoke: A lot of work has been done so far to create an online database which clarifies what knowledge is available in which region. On this basis, it is also possible to organise specific events and to close the knowledge gaps. This can be done using knowledge from pilot projects taking place in the different regions.

Gläser: I am convinced that through the creation of events and the identification of common fields of interest, each region and correspondingly each company can pluck the fruits of ENEVATE. If ENEVATE will come to a success I can easily imagine that similar projects will occur in other European areas.

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