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In order to understand the actions, we herewith first provide our definition for pilots: A testing and demonstrating project for electric vehicles and e-mobility application in the public domain. It is to test not only the electric vehicle, technology and related infrastructure, but also to field-test the sustainability in terms of mobility, environment and economy as well as user behavior and acceptance.

It can be used to increase awareness and acceptance among stakeholders including user groups, governments, industry and society. We will impact the pilots in the perspective of the defined clean mobility concepts.

A. ENEVATE concentrates on the analysis of existing electric vehicle Pilots in NEW. Mapping of pilots for e-mobility in NWE, made available in the online portal (see WP1).Set-up pilot guidelines for pilot owners on designing, planning, implementing and evaluating pilots based on the recommendations from WP1-3. Asses and benchmark the pilots. Select good practices and use their results and findings to enhance the guidelines.

B. The project is about the implementation of ENEVATE findings in regional pilots, in order to support the quality, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of pilots, by implementing the recommendations and guidelines in a selected number of high level "real world" pilots.

C. The guidelines and recommendations from action B will be used for proactive participation in NWE pilot initiatives. ENEVATE will participate in five pilots in Noord-Brabant (NL), Montbeliard (F), Haute Normandie (F), North East of England, Ireland and NRW.

D. This action is about Finalising guidelines and lessons learned, integrating the results from the earlier workpackages with the results and findings of the pilot support.