Leisure- and event-traffic with intermodal bookable electric vehicles

The city of Kassel suffers from emissions in the inner city. Therefore, low emissions transport is needed, especially when the overall traffic flow cannot be reduced: For example huge events in the city result in a higher traffic volume.

The project "FREE" (Leisure- and event-traffic with intermodal bookable electric vehicles) aims at developing a sustainable mobility concept to deal with large visitor streams and tourists to reduce additional traffic in the city centre. In the end an integrated platform for booking of hotel rooms and transport options will be set up. Moreover an integrated ticket for e-car sharing, public transport and charging stations will be developed. Hotels are acting as car sharing-members, lending e-cars to their guests. To guarantee mobility in all parts of Nordhessen, the regional energy suppliers developed one RFID-card for all charging stations.

Today, six of the planned 18 e-cars are in use for e-car sharing, around 60 pedelecs are on the street and since 2013 an electric bus is used in daily line operation. Next steps are the implementation of 12 more e-cars and the further roll-out of charging infrastructure, especially inthe rural area around Kassel. In the long term the project generates added value for the implementation of e-mobility in region of Nordhessen, just in accordance with the aims of ENEVATE 2.0.