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There are many pilot projects being developed across North West Europe and these are at various stages of implementation.

Our fundamental objective is to enable knowledge to be shared and made available to a broad range of projects. In so doing this will help foster longer term interoperability and improve the experience of vehicle users.

Whilst some project developers have the opportunity and resources to visit pilots and learn from the individuals involved many do not. Also few have the opportunity to visit several and explore the detail of project delivery.

In this area of activity the ENEVATE project brings together a vast amount of experience within one practical document with the aim of helping project leads develop sustainable EV charging infrastructure.

By sustainable we mean infrastructure that is wherever possible technically future proofed, prepared for longer term operation and supported by policies and strategies to encourage the use of renewable energy.

A key feature of the approach is to identify and involve all of the relevant stakeholders spanning the energy, automotive, public, transport, retail and other sectors to optimise the pace, cost and value of project delivery.

Regional variations of the document will not only provide region specific guidance but will also capitalise upon key successes from around North West Europe.